Top 4 Summer First Dates To Ask Your Crush To Go On

June 2, 2022

It’s time for Summer, and it’s time for you to ask your online crush out on a date! Dating can be difficult whether it is online or in person. But if you are already talking to someone you met online you have already got past the hardest part, and that is getting her attention! Most people never make it to the first date, because they are worried the person may become uninterested once they meet them. But if you want to find true love and happiness you have to get over this fear. In this article, we will give you the top summer first dates to ask your crush to go on. These first-date ideas will help you both come out of your comfort zone and show your true self!

Top 4 Summer First Dates To Ask Your Crush To Go On (1)

Go To A Ballgame

A date at the ballpark is always a great date! Before heading to the game you both could meet at a local bar or restaurant to grab a couple of drinks to calm the nerves before heading to the game. Baseball games always have constant entertainment that will keep your energy levels up the whole night. With all of the entertainment going on around you at the game you will be able to relax and enjoy the night with your date. Even if your date isn’t the biggest sports fan she will enjoy a night out at the ballpark!

Plan A Picnic

If you planned on asking your crush to dinner, why not be creative about it? Instead of going to a restaurant that everyone is already at or where everyone else goes on their first dates. Why not plan a picnic? Planning a picnic with her will show her how thoughtful and active you are. This also allows you both to enjoy and take advantage of the amazing summer weather. By going on a picnic together you both will be able to hear each other talk, unlike most restaurants that are packed. A picnic also allows for the date to move on to another location or event once you’re both done eating.

Take A Cooking Class

The majority of women love to cook! If you both have been talking or texting for a couple of weeks food has been brought up at least once. Whether it is discussing your favorite or least favorite meal, or what you both love to cook. A great first date would be attending a cooking class. It may not be the food you both enjoy or have ever eaten before but it will be a great bonding experience! Not only is it a great bonding experience but it will show you both how you work as a team. The cooking class will also help get rid of the nerves and force you to come out of your comfort zone. So, instead of agreeing to cook a meal at one of your homes and being awkward for the majority of the night. Sign-up for a cooking class and go by yourselves and enjoy each other’s company!

Go To A Winery

If your crush loves to drink wine, a date to the winery or to a wine tasting would be her dream. Even if you do not prefer to drink wine, taking her to one of these will make her day and put a smile on her face. Not only will it make her happy but it will show her you are willing to sacrifice your day and time for something she likes, which will make her fall for you even more. Many wineries have food trucks as well and have nice patios outside to enjoy the weather and view. At the end of the day, you want your first date to be a great one and for your crush to enjoy her time. Going to a winery or wine tasting will definitely check all those off the list!


When you ask your crush to go on a date with you for the first time you have to make sure it’s one she will remember. This first date can lead to many more dates, and seeing each other if it is planned correctly. There are many summer first date ideas but these will definitely be ones for her to remember. When planning your first date together remember the most important thing is to choose a fun activity that your date will enjoy just as much, or more, as you.


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